Hi, I’m Rachel…

 a Denver-based illustrator and designer with a BFA emphasizing in illustration. Through my work I strive to integrate my knowledge of design with my background in illustration. I am skilled in numerous design principles and illustration techniques from branding, layout design and typography to conceptual and technical illustration. My current interests lie in flat, graphic illustrations, the exploration of limited color palettes and the exploration of motion graphics to push my work beyond a static, two-dimensional composition.

In my personal work I enjoy creating editorial-style conceptual illustrations with a strong focus on underlying themes, a high attention to the little details, and an exploration of constrained color palettes. Projects such as “Life’s a Dream” are strongly reminiscent of all of my most recent personal work.

My professional work is rooted strongly in my personal interest whether it be illustrations similar in style to my passion projects or clean print design that is in line with my personal work as far as simplicity, the use of clean lines and similar color palettes.