“Life’s a Dream” is an exhibition featuring a culmination of both illustration and applied motion graphics to make stylized environments with dreamlike qualities. The key conceptual hallmark of this body of work is an imagined notion that the imagery in the illustrated environments could exist outside the boundaries of the artwork and in the real world but do not. Through the use of design principles such as scale, color, balance, hierarchy and motion, I influence perception and the understanding of what is and is not real. Scale is utilized throughout “Life’s a Dream” in such a way that the size relationships between objects is not quite what it should be in actuality. Another design principle being utilized in “Life’s a Dream” is that of color; the constraint of a limited color palette made up of six colors serves to tie the series together visually and create an interesting environment in which shadow and light are represented in untraditional ways (i.e. through color rather than light and dark). Moreover, balance is used with both an interest in symmetry and asymmetry to create a composition that is dynamic and interesting. The use of these design principles all work in conjunction to form a visual hierarchy that causes the viewer’s eye to flow through the composition in a particular way, and further enhances my conceptual framework by driving focus towards the most important elements in the composition. The short animation of these environments serves to further strengthen the implication that the viewer is seeing an imagined environment in the natural world. The use of the aforementioned design principles was integral towards driving “Life’s a Dream” to be representative of its conceptual grounding in dreamlike qualities existing in otherwise believable landscapes.