“PSA: Meat Eater’s Guide to Climate Change” is a motion graphics animation that serves to educate an audience about the positive environmental impacts of reduced meat consumption.

Through a simplified, graphic visual style and a narrative speaking voice, this PSA walks the audience through the environmental changes that can be effected simply by reducing one’s meat consumption. Vector graphics that take shape of slabs of meat open the piece on a note of abundance as they fill the frame. The presence of meat is juxtaposed with a plant-based alternative that triggers the onslaught of information pertaining to the impact one serving of meat has on the environment. Various transition styles from cuts to plastic edits along with a similar color palette for each frame create a relationship between meat eating and environmental impact.

The straight-forward, visual cues are strengthened by an audial delivery of facts to make for an easy to understand message directed at those who over-consume meat.

The framing of this piece is based around the positive impact an individual can have by reducing meat consumption which in turn gives power to the audience to influence a change.